Getting your insulation product certified

Getting your insulation product certified

-> In the first instance, the manufacturer must ensure compliance with the requirements set out in the certification guidelines (general guidelines and the guidelines for the specific product(s) concerned).

-> Certification can then be requested by completing the certification organization application form and indicating the aspects of performance to be certified.

-> The certification organization then conducts the checks set out in the guidelines (the admission phase): production line audit, product sampling and product testing in the organization's laboratory. Once the assessment process is completed, the certification organization consults with the certification committee and awards the certificate on the basis of the conclusions reached by this committee.

-> The certification organization then conducts the regular inspections described in the guidelines (the supervisory phase).

-> Based on the outcome of follow-up audits and test results, ACERMI will decide whether or not the ACERMI mark may continue to be used.

-> Where any compliance failure is observed, the certification organization may suspend a certificate until such time as the holder implements the corrective measures required to return the product to the certificated level of performance.