The ACERMI governance structure

The Board of Directors

Administers ACERMI


Coordinates pilot projects

Certification Committee
college of manufacturers / college of users

Defines the guidance and action principles governing the ACERMI certification process,
and supervises their implementation

Pilot Project Mmbers

Carry out the work require for certification

The Board of Directors


The LNE CEO (Thomas GRENON) or the CSTB Chairman (Étienne CRÉPON)
(alterning annually)


The CSTB Chairman (Étienne CRÉPON) or the LNE CEO (Thomas GRENON)
(alterning annually)


Member of the Coordination Committee



Certification Committee

The ACERMI Board of Directors has appointed a Certification Committee whose members represent partners with an interest in certification of products covered by the General Rules.

For this purpose, the Certification Committee comprises the following two colleges.

  • the college of Manufacturers
  • the college of Users, Specifiers, Administrative Bodies and technical organizations

the college of Manufacturers is made up of 9 representatives:

  • 3 representatives of mineral wool-based insulation product manufacturers
  • 3 representatives of molded or extruded cellular plastic insulation product manufacturers
  • 1 representative of mineral-based insulation product manufacturers
  • 1 representative of reflective product manufacturers
  • 1 representative of plant- or animal-derived insulation product manufacturers

The members of the Certification Committee's college of manufacturers are either manufacturers of ACERMI-certified products, or representatives of trade organizations authorized to represent certificate holders.

the college of Users, Specifiers, Administrative Bodies and technical organizations has 9 members representing distributors, consumers and project owners, as well as LNE and CSTB.

Its members are appointed following consultation with the partners concerned and are proposed by the trade organizations represented, and by the Chairman and Secretary of ACERMI. Members are appointed for a renewable term of three years. Members may appoint deputies to attend meetings in the absence of the full member.

The functions exercised by members are not transferable. Full members and their deputies are bound by a duty to maintain professional secrecy.

They may refer to experts, who are then bound by the same confidentiality commitments.

The Certification Committee Chairman and Secretary are the Chairman and Secretary of ACERMI or their respective deputies.

Composition of Certification Committee

College of Manufacturers

  • FILMM: the mineral-based wools industry organization
  • SNAP: the polyurethane/polyisocyanurate industry organization
  • EXIBAT: the extruded polystyrene industry organization
  • AFIPEB: the expanded polystyrene industry organization
  • SIMD: the rigid mineral-based insulation industry organization
  • APPMR/ASIV: the reflective panel/plant-based materials industry organization

College of Users and Specifiers

  • Project owners (U.N.F.O.H.L.M.)
  • Developers (F.F.B.)
  • Familles de France
  • CNBM (The Wood Materials Trade Confederation)
  • SNI: national insulation industry organization
  • Alternating presidency between CSTB and LNE
  • LNE and CSTB