Non-profit organization

The Association pour la CERtification des Matériaux Isolants is a non-profit organization (association loi 1901) formed in 1983 by the CSTB and LNE, which created the ACERMI certification mark.

Its purpose is to award qualification certificates for manufactured insulation materials and products within the meaning of French law 78-23 of January 10, 1978.

Its founding members were:

The CSTB - the Scientific and Technical Centre for Building - offers its services to all construction industry stakeholders to improve building quality and safety.


The LNE - the National Metrology and Test Laboratory - provides quality, safety, performance and sustainable development support and advice to companies in many industries, including housing.


The Association pour la CERrtification des Matériaux Isolants has been guiding progress in the development of insulating materials and products for 30 years. It offers manufacturers a certification that demonstrates the quality of their products.
Certification is voluntary for manufacturers. It provides a guarantee of quality based on objective testing, and enables direct comparison of products to improve and facilitate the selection process.