"Springboard" standard designed specifically for innovative products

The standard

The aim of the ACERMI standard is to enable access to certification for the insulation products defined below by applying internal production control requirements appropriate to the resources available to manufacturers. The thermal performance declared for the product is directly related to the quality of controls applied in the production plant to ensure that the product delivers the thermal performance it should. Third-party verification remains unchanged in relation to the ACERMI standard, which is based on two in-plant audits per year, on-site sampling and pilot laboratory testing, in accordance with the requirements of the General Guidelines.

The products targeted

Finished or semi-finished manufactured products which:

  • are not covered by existing ACERMI product guidelines
  • are covered by a Technical Assessment, Technical Application Document, DTU, Type A ATEx or even professional rules
  • contribute to improving the thermal performance of a structure by increasing its thermal resistance by at least 0.25 m².K/W.

For example, the following products could be covered by this standard (partial list only):

  • Bulk bio-sourced products (cotton, etc.) other than those already covered by existing guidelines
  • Vacuum and aerogel insulation products
  • Insulating formwork blocks
  • Cellular concretes
  • Insulated composite panels
  • Synthetic fiber batts
  • etc.

The following are not covered by this standard

Windows and joinery (glazing, roof lights, doors, etc.).

Characteristics covered

The purpose of the Springboard standard is to award a certificate that covers only those characteristics related to thermal performance (thickness, thermal conductivity, thermal resistance, emissivity and settling, where appropriate).

This certificate is renewed annually in accordance with the general guidelines, and its validity is limited to a maximum of 3 years. It cannot be renewed at the end of these 3 years.

Where certificates are issued for a new family of products, ACERMI and the manufacturers concerned agree a 3-year timetable in order to prepare a specific draft product standard in place of the springboard standard so that certification can continue beyond the certificate expiry date.

The certification procedure is structured to ensure that it does not exceed four months from receipt of the full technical documentation and signature of the quotation, except for products requiring tests that, by their nature, require a longer period of time (aging, settling, etc.) or requiring submission for a Technical Assessment or DTA.