Are you a trade specialist, contractor, specifier, distributor, manufacturer or private individual?

The declaration by manufacturers of the performances claimed for their products is not in itself sufficient to reassure the many potential consumers in today's competitive market.

Certification of insulation product performance provides the certified assurance that production processes are checked and inspected on a regular basis, as are the specifications of the products themselves.

For product manufacturers, certification adds another layer of strength to their internal quality control systems.

For merchants, it provides the certainty of selecting and marketing insulation products that are most unlikely to lead to any kind of dispute. As a result, merchants can be fully confident in recommending the insulation product best suited to the needs of a particular user on the basis of certified specifications.

For the contractors and trade specialists who install insulation systems, certification makes quotation preparation and ordering easier. Clear product and pallet marking makes it easier to identify certified insulation products clearly for merchants and on-site.

Certification also plays an educational role, since it helps companies to explain the reasons why they have chosen a particular insulation product easily and accurately to their customers.

Similarly, certification makes it easier for specifiers to understand the qualities of a particular product and recommend it as a result.

For private individuals carrying out work in their own homes, certified insulation products make choosing easier thanks to clear performance labeling of products.

The use of certified products is required for construction certification and energy labeling schemes, such as NF Maison individuelle, NF logement, Qualitel and Promotelec in France.