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Jean-Yves Labat, an independent plasterer/drywaller

Jean-Yves Labat, president of the National Union of Plaster and Insulation Technical Professions (UNA MPTI)

An independent plasterer/drywaller in Dax, France, Jean-Yves Labat has been the President of the National Union of Plaster and Insulation Technical Professions (UNA MPTI) since April 2019.

Labat is the grandson and son of plasterers and created his own company in 2004. He works primarily in the heritage sector.

"I'm talking to you from 10 meters high, in a church."

Did you know that loose-fill insulation for unused roof spaces is now mainstream for mineral wool and cellulose?
Yes, I am well aware. Two members of the UNA participated in commissions on the DTUs for both products. Our role is to represent plastering businesses and make our voices heard in the various professional bodies. As part of the Journées professionnelles de la construction (forum for construction professionals), we are going to prepare technical documentation to present this news, which is a major advancement for our profession.
What do you think are the implications?
With DTUs, the rules are the same for everyone, whether project owner, craftsperson or consulting firm. It is no longer necessary to apply for Technical Appraisal. It saves a lot of time, which makes our work easier.
What do you think about the role of ACERMI in this?
If a product is properly installed with the DTU and certified by ACERMI, we offer a full guarantee regarding authorized insurance. As a company specializing in insulation, it makes sense to use ACERMI-labeled products. It is essential.

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