François Turland, President, BASTIDE-BONDOUX ENGINEERING

François Turland, President, BASTIDE-BONDOUX ENGINEERING

Founded more than 35 years ago, Bastide-Bondoux is one of leaders in residential thermal insulation in France. Chaired by Francois Turland, this engineering firm assists its customers, builders, developers and all players in the residential buildings sector with design and consulting services in the fields of energy (thermal, renewable energies, Energy-Plus-House, fluids), the environment (carbon, life cycle analysis), and comfort (lighting, and year-round thermal energy management, well-being and interior air quality).

“With the Acermi website, we're able to qualify insulating materials during the project's design phase. Use-based search is relevant to us and it saves time during our research phase, which is essential given the number and variety of projects studied. From the outset, Bastide-Bondoux have conducted regulatory and energy optimisation studies on over 300,000 housing units, studied 70,000 projects in line with the French energy efficiency standard RT2012 and 2500 collective housing projects.”


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