Baudoin de La Bretesche, Director, Structural Work Unit, Public Works, Interior Design and Joinery, Point P

Baudoin de La Bretesche

Expert in the construction trade, Saint-Gobain Distribution Bâtiment France brings together 2000 sales outlets distributed among 10 main brands, including Point P, with its network of 900 outlets and 9 specialist brands: PUM, Asturienne, Cedeo, Clim+, SFIC, Dispano, Décocéram, CDL Elec and La Plateforme.
Point P operates throughout metropolitan France. With more than 240,000 customer accounts (20% individuals), Point P provides all construction materials for new buildings and renovation projects and offers a full range of solutions for home energy performance, as well as many services to improve the performance of our "Artisan Generation" customers.

"For us, ACERMI certification is imperative for two reasons: technical and administrative. Technical because it assures our customers of thermal performance and therefore the intrinsic quality of each insulation material Point P offers.

Administrative because it triggers attainment the Energy Savings Certificate (CEE) and the associated tax credit. This process impacts all our codification processes, ACERMI certification being a vital part of energy savings.

We know that insulation products from the main industrial companies in France will be ACERMI stamped. On the other hand, we are always vigilant about foreign products sold in France. We make sure that the process of certification by ACERMI was followed.

ACERMI is focusing on the thermal resistance of certified products. It would be worthwhile for it to expand its area of influence to, for example, the product life cycle as part of E+C- Experimentation (E+ for positive energy, C- for carbon reduction), which will play a central role in French Environment Regulation 2020 (RE2020).

Today, the ACERMI website is particularly well thought-out and complete, as it includes financial assistance and performance by nature of product and type of application. And, the latest certificates awarded are displayed, which was not the case a few years ago. The Search feature is very well designed. It is extremely useful for new products, such as biosourced materials. We even published a brochure on these products using the website.

In conclusion, I would say that the annual gain related to energy savings, the criterion for receiving a CEE, and thermal performance of insulation materials make ACERMI indispensable, but it can go even further."

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