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Yannick Hervé, Director, SAPI CLOISONS ISOLATION

Yannick Hervé, Director, SAPI CLOISONS ISOLATION

Based in Melesse in the Rennes region, Sapi Cloisons Isolation manages a team of 30 tradesmen working on tertiary sites involving new construction and renovation, and energy rehabilitation in collective housing. Since 2013, the company has developed a new activity: the installation of suspended ceilings.

Although it deals with many public contracts involving retirement homes, hospitals, school groups, offices and hotels, Sapi Cloisons Isolation also serves private individuals.

“We use the Association's website to ensure that an insulating material is Acermi-certified, to search for novel products and to check their performance characteristics. Using filters and sub-filters to conduct our search makes it easier and faster to find the information we're looking for, enabling us to save time and be more efficient!”

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