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 Date created 2024-01-01
 Holder Saint-Gobain Isover
Route de Payerne
CH - 1522 LUCENS
 Certificate no. 16/206/1112/4
 Family Glass wool (MW)
 Commercial brand(s) (products)
Products Purposes
PS 81
 Plant(s) Lucens - Suisse
 Certified thermal conductivity λD = 0.032 W/(m.K)
Puce Certified thermal resistance
Thermal resistances
12 mm 0.35
15 mm 0.45
20 mm 0.60
25 mm 0.75
30 mm 0.90
 Euroclass(es) Euroclasse A2-s1,d0
 Other certified characteristics
Characteristic Value
Thickness tolerance T6
Compressibility CP3
Short-term water absorption by partial immersion WS
Airflow resistance AFr40
Dynamic stiffness (12 mm) SD16
Dynamic stiffness (15 mm) SD12
Dynamic stiffness (20 mm) SD9
Dynamic stiffness (25 mm) SD7
Dynamic stiffness (30 mm) SD6
Water vapor permeability MU1