Use the right products in the right place

Use the right products in the right place
Yannick Hervé, President of UMPI-FFB

Make the right choice at the design stage

The transition from RT2012 to RE2020 resulted in a reassessment of the thermal performance objectives of products. But beyond that, « it is the full life cycle of a product and its environmental impact that RE2020 considers » says Yannick Hervé, CEO of SAPI Cloisons Isolation and President of the French Plaster and Insulation Trade Union (UMPI-FFB). « Its carbon weight analysis includes the energy used for its production, transport, use and demolition. »

Regarding the environmental and health declaration datasheet (FDES), « it has become very difficult to consider substituting one product for another, even of equivalent class, during construction » Hervé adds. « More than ever, the right product must be chosen beforehand, during the design phase. ACERMI certification is, in this case, a considerable asset. »