Tax credits: what you need to know

Tax credits: what you need to know

Individuals who have their homes insulated, especially if they beneft from specifc fnancial incentives, must be attentive to the quality of work so that they can receive the expected savings.

There are three simple rules for the level of quality:

  • Use products that meet the technical criteria for the Energy Transition Tax Credit (CITE) (all ACERMI-certifed insulation materials with thermal resistance that meets the criteria are eligible for the tax credit).
  • Adhere to industry standards for installation of products and to technical appraisal (ftness for use) for innovative products.
  • Work with RGE-certifed craftspeople and contractors.

Look for two easy-to-spot quality marks:

  • Product certifcation on packaging.
  • RGE (Reconnu Garant de l’Environnement) status must be specifed in the price estimates and on the invoices of those performing the work.

Learn about the different types of financial incentives: Products certified by ACERMI are eligible for all incentive funding schemes

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