Growth in the business and evolving of technical specifications: a look back at a rich and constructive year

Growth in the business and evolving of technical specifications

Constant improvement

The number of ACERMI certifications has increased significantly (9%), from 749 in 2015 to 816 in 2016, while the number of companies holding certificates also rose, from 118 to 125.


Other trends indicate a diversification in the type of products certified and an openness to new insulation materials. This was due in part to the Springboard certification (Tremplin) which enable emerging products (accounting for 3.6% of total certifications in 2016 vs. 0.3% in 2013) to obtain certification and facilitate their recognition on the market. As for traditional insulation materials, they were stable or slightly up despite a few voluntary withdrawals.

European recognition ...

An absolute reference on the French market, the ACERMI certification is now gaining recognition at European level as well. Proof? Out of the 138 plants making ACERMI-certified products, 62 are located outside of France - that's almost half! How? By building on the European technical specifications. To adapt to the needs and trends of the insulation materials sector, ACERMI creates reliable technical specifications adapted to the assessment of innovative products, drafting them to be recognized at European level, as well.

... that is well-deserved

An independent third-party certification body, by its very nature legitimizing the outcome of the certification, ACERMI has the added distinction of managing the “ISOLE” classification, a link between the intrinsic value of the product and its use in construction. The French Documents Techniques Unifiés (Unified Codes of Practice) or Technical Approvals used in the building industry require this classification, whereas at European level, CE marking simply provides the intrinsic performance of the product. ACERMI goes further: its requirement and warranty levels are now a benchmark recognized outside of France.

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