New: ACERMI certifies composite insulation materials with integrated facings

ACERMI certifies composite insulation materials with integrated facings

Since January 2019, ACERMI has been certifying products made of an insulation material and its single or double facing. This simplifies the certification process for industrial companies.

Previously, the ACERMI reference system only covered the assessment criteria for the insulation material (sometimes combined with a membrane or kraft paper). Now, ACERMI considers the overall performance of composite insulation, particularly thermal resistance, that includes the facings.

Greater clarity of thermal resistance characteristics of products on the market

The principle: Certification of an insulation/facing combination results in a clarified overall thermal resistance characteristic for the “composite system” or “sandwich panel” product.

Responding to the needs of industrial companies

ACERMI is adapting to the changing insulation material market by offering two new standards.

Composite systems are now ACERMI certified. They are only used indoors. This insulation system consists of a rigid facing made of plasterboard and an insulation material. Instead of a double certification—ACERMI (only for the thermal resistance of the insulation material) and QB (for other characteristics)—ACERMI now certifies all the characteristics. Industrial companies can now call on a single certification body, ACERMI, for the entire composite insulation. This saves time and lowers costs for the certification applicant. The new ACERMI PG 18 standard appears on www.acermi.com.

Composite systems

Sandwich panels, transition from Springboard standard to ACERMI Product Guideline. Sandwich panels consist of two metal sheets positioned on either side of the insulation material. They are used in commercial buildings, for example, as part of external cladding and warehouse roofs. Because there is a harmonized standard for product assessment and the sandwich panel family has become more mainstream, ACERMI created the PG 17 standard, making it possible to certify the thermal and mechanical characteristics and reaction to fire of sandwich panels. The new ACERMI PG 17 standard appears in the section “Apply for certification.”

Sandwich panels

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