Success of the Springboard Technical Specifications: demonstration

The Springboard (Tremplin) Technical Specification were created by ACERMI to qualify products not covered at European level, and often developed by SMEs/VSEs. It fills a void and enables these innovative products to enter the market.

The Springboard certification focuses exclusively on thermal performance, the critical distinction for an insulation product. The certificate can be renewed for three successive years in its “springboard” version. Next, ACERMI develops a technical specification for the new family of products, and then gives the manufacturer the possibility of obtaining the conventional ACERMI certificate which incorporates mechanical characteristics, water resistance and water vapor transmission.

ACERMI is breaking new ground by certifying products in a variety of shapes, such as insulation for rolling shutter boxes, insulated concrete forms (ICFs) and sandwich panel insulation. In this way, the manufacturer highlights the thermal properties of its insulation materials, thereby avoiding the use of default values, which are always less advantageous.

Going from the ACERMI Springboard certification to the ACERMI certification

Added in 2014 to the Springboard Technical Specification for the characterization of the thermal performance of their insulating cores, sandwich panels now have their own ACERMI “product” technical specification.

For this purpose, ACERMI has just developed a specific technical specification that characterizes the intrinsic performance levels of this family of products pursuant to the NF EN 14509 product standard: